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Anna Ritan is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian-Nutritionist with over 12 years experience, who specializes in paediatric and neonatal nutritional therapy and dietary education.


Anna is committed to forming relationships with clients and finding individual strategies that work, knowing that no two families are alike.

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Anna Ritan, APD BND

Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist 

Clinical Experience 

  • Has worked as the Senior Paediatric Dietitian for a large Adelaide based Hospital for 6 years

  • Has experience as a clinical dietitian for 12 years

  • Completed additional training in Paediatric Nutrition, Nutrition in Paediatric Disease, Paediatric Food Allergy, and is experienced in gut health issues such as coeliac disease, intolerances, and constipation

  • Completed additional training in Neonatal nutrition and is expert in infant nutrition and early life nutrition including; reflux, faultering growth (failure to thrive), starting solids

  • Trained in the S.O.S approach to fussy eating and has experience in running multi-disciplinary clinics for children with complex feeding issues, fussy eating, oral aversions and enteral nutrition

  • Successful in securing research funding and undertaking paediatric nutrition research. 

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