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Starting a baby on solid foods is an important milestone in a baby's life. The good news is, that starting solid, does not have to be complicated, or stressful.


Are you about to start solids? or have you started and lost your way? ............ This book contains all the information you need in one place for a holistic, step-by-step approach to starting solids and recipes to nourish your child (no need to buy multiple guides), with over 90 pages of evidenced information, tips, and recipes to nurture your baby to be a happy, healthy, confident eater.


What can this guide help you achieve?


  • Give you the confidence to know when, how and what to feed your baby
  • Plan for how to introduce allergens using the current up-to-date evidence, to maximise the benefit of early introduction and allergy prevention, with easy-to-follow steps and recipes
  • Consistently allow for stress-free meals. Putting in place strategies for happy mealtimes, where you can be responsive and focus on enjoying the meal and building skills and positive mealtime experiences for learning how to eat.
  • Support your child to become a happy, healthy, and confident eater.
  • Understand the difference between choking and gagging 
  • What foods to avoid feeding your baby  
  • Routines for meal times, milk feeds and so much more 

x Anna 



Product Reviews

" The Nourish Little Lives ebook is a very practical, easy to read, and informative resource. It has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to ensure a nutritional and safe start to solids for my son. A must-read for all parents!" 


"I just purchased your guide and thank you it has been so easy to follow and given me so much confidence, so clear, and just so helpful. Everything I have wanted to know about starting solids"


"Thank you for your guide it has been so amazing, I regularly refer to it for each stage, so many tips and we love the recipes" 

eBook Nourish Little Lives Expert Guide to Starting Solids

  • Paediatric Dietitian specialised information on: 

    -When to start solids 

    - Developmental readiness and how to tell if your child is ready

    - Different ways to feed your baby and the evidence and benefits. 

    - Steps for safe baby-led weaning 

    - How to progress through textures with traditional spoon feeding

    - How to be responsive and establish a trusting feeding relationship 

    - Information on gagging and choking 

    - What to feed your baby and nutrients of importance 

    - Foods to avoid feeding your baby 

    - Evidenced based information and practical steps for introducing the top 9 allergens

    - My top two allergens to focus on first and why

    - Feeding guides for breastfeeding and solids and bottle feeding and solids to get you through 6-7 months, 8-9 months and 11-12 months 

    - Nutritionally balanced recipes that the whole family can eat, that focus on meeting your babies nutrition needs 

    And so much more........ x Anna 

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