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The Ultimate Kids Snack Guide that grows with your child

Are you about to introduce snacks to your child? 

Wondering what foods to include at snack time to support your child nutritionally? 

Do you want to know when and how often to serve snacks? 

Wondering how to prevent fussy eating and all-day snack requests? 

Have you got a child who is obsessed with packet snacks or prefers snacks over main meals? 

Do you want over 40 recipes? and easy prep snack ideas that are great for school, kindy, and ELC?

Do you want to know how to pick the better packet snack products for your child off the supermarket shelves? 


The go-to resource from the moment you are contemplating introducing snacks to your child. Packed with over 40 pages of information on how to approach, manage and support your child with snacks, as well as easy-to-prepare snack ideas and kid-approved nourishing recipes for when you have a bit more time. It is the resource you will keep referring back to with simple-to-use recipes great for lunch boxes, ELC, and snacks on the go.


Designed to be used from the very first snack you introduce and through childhood (up to 10 years) to support lifelong healthy eating habits and prevent fussy eating. 


Developed by Anna Ritan, a Paediatric Dietitian with years of experience, this guide comes with practical strategies to help your child eat well and prevent fussy eating. 

Snacks form an important part of overall nutrition intake in early childhood which lays the foundation for growth, learning, and physical and mental well-being.... between snacks and main meals it can feel like a lot of food to plan and prepare in one day! This can make preparing and choosing snacks for your child feel overwhelming, especially with so many options on the supermarket shelves.


The good news is, that snacks don’t need to be complicated or stressful, and they can still be balanced and nutritious!


This book will provide you with easy and nutritious ideas for snacks, practical tips and recipes, and so much more:

What's included: 

  • Paediatric Dietitian tips you can use from the moment your child is ready for snacks, which can help to prevent fussy eating
  • Easy-to-follow snack formula to help you build 'little meals' and meet your child's nutrition needs

  • Print and pop on the fridge food chart for building nutritious snacks for easy reference

  • Choking risks and snacks and how to serve snacks safely

  • Does your child snack all day? or constantly ask for snacks? this guide will talk you through how to plan snacks and use a snack routine to prevent grazing

  • How to use planned snacks to prevent fussy eating

  • What to look out for! Label reading guide for buying packet/supermarket snacks for your child

  • Nutritious and easy-to-make snacks in under 5 minutes

  • Kid-approved and nutritious snack recipes for when you have a bit more time

  • Including over 40 snack ideas and recipes 


...and lots more. 


X Anna 

Nourish Little Lives Kids Snack Guide

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