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My favourite 'ON THE GO' snacks for toddlers and kids

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

At the shops today my children were having a hard time, they were 'HANGRY' and tired and they needed snacks fast, otherwise i would have been tempted to leave my shopping and walk out with two screaming toddlers, and then finish my shopping on line. Knowing what to feed kids quickly in these moments can be the difference between a peaceful morning at the shops or 'crazy town'.

There are lots of times when we need snacks on the go

My pro tips for snacks on the go:

  • Limit grazing when you are out just like you would at home, ON THE GO snacks should ideally fit in with your usual meal routine.

  • Encourge sitting to eat even if you are out

  • Serving a combination can make a snack more nutritionally complete: e.g a cheese stick with some sultanas (Protein, Fat and Fibre will nourish and fill tiny tummies between meals)

  • Avoid highly processed snacks as much as possible

  • Consider the environment, most ON THE GO snacks have extra packaging so always recycle.

  • Make sure you serve snacks that are appropriate for child's age and stage of feeding skill, snacking ON THE GO can increase risk of choking.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite ON THE GO snacks suitable for toddlers and older children, that will nourish your kids and also make life easy for those moments on the go.


Woolworths natural cheese sticks.

1 stick equals half a serve of calcium, also contains fat and protein to keep kids full between meals. Look for cheese sticks without added flavours or colours if possible.

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese (pastuartised milk, salt culture, non anomal rennet)


Greek Yoghurt or Full Cream Yoghurt pouch.

Choose a yoghurt pouch that is full cream and has no added sugar. One yoghurt pouch is a serve of calcium and great source of protein and fat to keep kids full between meals.

Ingredients: Whole milk, cream, milk solids, raspberry pulp, rice starch, natural flavours, live yoghurt culture.



I love this MO brand!!

They are Australian, organic and are not coated in any vegetable oils or sulphur dioxide (preservative 220) like most other brands.

Sultanas are high in fibre and vitamin C and they are a fun snack for kids.

Ingredients: Organic sultanas


Dried Fruit Strips

I love this Fruit Wise brand (it is South Australian), comes in multiple flavour combinations and is literally just dried fruit (no added sugars)

Dried fruit is high in fibre and vitamin C.

Ingredients: Apple (85%), Cherry (15%)


Dried Beans

The Happy Snack Company 'Kids Roasted Fava Beans' Lightly salted.

These are a great source fibre and protein.

Salt content is 250mg/100g which is alot less than cheddar cheese.

Ingredients: Bread Beans (82%), Canola Oil, Sea Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder


Macro wholefoods market 'Lentil Bites'

I love these for a number of reasons, they are colourful and they are mainly lentil flour and chickpea flour making these a source of fibre and protein.

Salt content is 395mg/100g

Ingredients: lentil flour (26%), chickea flour (20%), sunflower oil, maize flour, potato starch, rice flour, pumpkin powder, salt.


Kez's Fruit Bars: Choc Mud

These bars are a great alternative to a traditional muesli bar and they are nut free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free which is great for children with allergies and also lunch box friendly. They are a source of fibre, protein and fat.

Ingredients: Dates (65%), Seeds (22%) (sunflower, chia seed, sesame seed), Natural cocoa powder (13%)


CeresOrganics brown rice cakes (No added salt).

My kids will eat them straight out the packet.

If i know we will be out at snack time i will spread them with butter and peanut butter and sandwich them together for an easy on the go snack.

Ingredients: Jasmin brown rice and water


Baby Bellies Organic Lentil Wheels (beetroot and strawberry)

I am not a huge fan of most baby 'snack products' but these ones actually contain at least a bit of nutrition, they are also great for toddlers.

55% lentil flour means that this product contains protein and fibre which is great for tiny tummies, serve them with a yoghurt or banana for even more nutrition.

Ingredients: Organic Lentil Flour (55%), Organic Corn Flour, Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beetroot Powder (5%), Organic Strawberry Powder (5%)



Great for snacks on the go, perfectly wrapped, easy to eat and packed with nutrition.

Good source of potassium, vitamin C, B6 and fibre.



Also an easy fruit for on the go, perfectly wrapped and easy to eat without being to messy.

Mandarins are a great source of vitamin C and fibre.


Baby Pouch

Although i recommend using baby pouches sparingly for babies, they can be a convenient snack option when out and about, and are also great for an 'pn the go' toddler snack.

I like to choose one that has fruit/veg and a protein soure in this case quinoa. It also has no other additives.

Ingredients: Organic Pear45%Organic Apple35%Organic Porridge (Water, Organic Quinoa, Organic Brown Rice)15%Organic Strawberry5%


Be sure to check out my early post on 'SNACKS FOR KIDS' for lots of other ideas.

If you have a favourite 'ON THE GO' snack i would love to know

x Anna

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